Photo Credit

(Taganga, Colombia)

Not much to report, but happily still photos to share. A credit that must solely and graciously be given to Delma. It has been a real treat to have her taking (and sharing) photos during their visit.

Also, I have taken to captioning the photos I post. Not a regular occurrence, but something to look out for nonetheless.


Two standing people on a stand up paddle board I’m sure would work as long as one is not G. Fresh.


Case and point.


Finally someone to play crib with!


Delma – The Lemonade Connoisseur. Best cherry lemonade in The Americas I’m sure.


The Evans, Marie, and Oceanna. So much goodness in one photo.


  1. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    Glad to hear all is well as of the last posts. Things will change soon as Delma and Doug head home to a “heat wave”, the Oceanna eventually heads west and World Cup festivities will not be as happy. Continue to enjoy your adventure and keep sending the great photos. Judy

  2. Sue Wright · · Reply

    So proud of our Kelowna ‘Sea Dog’. I’m really glad you didn’t walk/hike Delma, but got back on the boat for more fabulous adventures. Who knows what could have happened on land!!! Life looks pretty fine on the boat:) So great to see your smiling faces … xo, Sue

  3. Max Gordichuk · · Reply

    Yo Greg, got your msg on Instagram. Great to hear from you man, I’ve been following your blog looks like one heck of a trip man, all the best and continue to have a great time.

    1. Whats shaking Max! Come down and get some waves some day amigo it would be great to catch up!

  4. Great pictures Delma! I wish I was on the way down to take over for you but we’ve got flooding catastrophes to take care of here. Enjoy your heat wave – we’re having another thundershower at the moment!
    What was the score count on the crib games?

    1. Come to think of it, Doug needs to come back soon for a tie breaker! We were at one game a piece.

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