Chores and Victory

(Taganga, Colombia)

Boat chores, boat chores. They persist regardless of visitors. The up side though is there are more people to put to work! Today’s job, scrubbing the growth off the bottom of Oceanna’s hulls.

Before we arrived in Colombia we didn’t have much algae or barnacles building up on the bottom paint. Here in Colombia the green has really got going. With two Evans men aboard though, the growth didn’t stand a chance. Geared up and armed with brushes they set at it and had it complete in no time.

Another routine chore is chipping out the freezer that completely ices over. A task Greg was happy to do so he could show off his AAA fish fillets that still fill our freezer from the Bahamas. Mahi Mahi and Wahoo we happily ate as we’re not catching much (any) fish these days.

Chores were wrapped up this morning for the ever important World Cup Match this afternoon. Colombia was playing Uruguay in the Round of 16.

My wearing of Colombian colours and drinking of Aguila beers did nothing to add to the athleticism of the Colombian players, but it certainly made me feel a part of the spirit and passion of Colombia people as the Colombian team took the victory. Celebrating a sporting win is the same regardless of your country. Noise, excitement, and doing victory laps in whatever is the local mode of transport. Colombia – motos.











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