Delma Salty-Dog Evans

(Taganga, Colombia)

Following our “terrorizing” sail over to Tayrona Park yesterday, Delma was considering every possible alternative mode of transport back. In her mind sailing back was about as appealing as undergoing a root canal by a T-Rex. She was literally tossing up walking back over the substantial sized hill in the heat of Colombian mid day (a 13.5km hike on the roadways now that I google it), as opposed to cruising back in our luxury yacht. Fortunately for Delma, we have more than one fear-inducing water vessel at our disposal. After she realized her walking option would require a choppy, bumpy trip to shore in the dinghy she steeled her resolve, gritted her jaw, and gave her go ahead to get her, and Oceanna, back over to Taganga Bay.

As promised (thank goodness) the short trip back was considerably smoother and more pleasant. We enjoyed a following sea and matching winds. It seems displaced for me to describe my sense of parental pride, but there’s no other word for it. I was incredibly proud of Delma for standing up to her fears and heading back out on the water with us. She was even up and out of the cockpit enjoying the views and wind on her face. More than earning her new handle of Delma “Salty-Dog” Evans.

Unfortunately poor Doug was still battling the ruthless and undiscriminating pain in the ass that is sea sickness. He spent the trip thinking happy thoughts in the cockpit.

We all made it back to Taganga, our growing favourite, and after a relaxing afternoon we made like true cruisers and went and drank some sundowners at the beach bar. A great end to Delma’s big day.








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