Greg “Terrorizes” Delma

(Ensonada Concha, Tayrona Park, Colombia)

If I’m being honest, we didn’t take Doug and Delma out in the nicest of seas. In the same breath though, they certainly weren’t the worst. A quick 10 nautical mile hop from Taganga to Concha Bay was enough to properly “terrorize” Delma and bring on a bout of sea sickness for Doug.

Continuing along the strain of good times. We had to anchor in the shittiest anchorage because it was the only available spot in our current bay and it was made incredibly clear that we were not allowed to move on to a more sheltered and calm bay.

We made the best of it though. Had a tapas lunch. Revelled at the size of the avocados. And wiled away the evening playing Sequence.






  1. Y’all look great and I’d say your adventure is proceeding nicely. I hear there are some awesome islands around Panama, Boca del Toro. Check them out on the Web. Skip at WMC spent some time there and said he enjoyed it. Suga Buga send her best.

  2. Wow”‘not so little, enough for a facial.thanks for all the great pictures of the “old folks” Blue bucket suites Grand paw Doug. Wish I was there . Not.

  3. Gary Cave. Aka Uncle Gary · · Reply

    Delma I have you scheduled Friday for work, will you make it? I am jealous, you must be having a wonderful time:). A bit of terrorizing, sea sickness, and adventure, what a great son! Kidding aside, have a wonderful time! We look forward to hearing more of Greg’s and Kaycee’s adventures. Debbie

  4. Shelley Morris · · Reply

    Greg,Kaycee, you could kidnap your parents and sail them home with you,you’d have to rename them Seadog1 & Seadog2. I won’t sign them up as deckhands for the Swiftsure!!Why so long an anchor chain? Here,rule of thumb is the length of the boat! Have fun! Shelley

  5. Jeff Cooper · · Reply

    Kaycee, Glad to see you are doing well and having fun. I’m jealous but I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve heard that. We finally finished the Hawkville NE plant and are getting ready to send the final bill with no lawsuits. Yea!

    Don’t worry about the birds. Watch out for drug smugglers, pirates and policia. Buen viaje!

  6. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    One of my worst nightmares is the anchor dragging in the night…..always sleep very light as listening to the sounds of the boat….can really relate….not that easy to anchor your boat…let alone my 30 ft one on the lake…..glad the yacht club now has some permanent mooring buoys in bays up and down the lake..makes it really easy to overnight now……Ken and Judy

  7. Mary Durose · · Reply

    Happy Canada Day! If the pictures are any indication, you all seem to be having a great time. Are you doing any fishing? Beautiful boat. Awesome adventure. Take care. Mary

  8. Sue Wright · · Reply

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures, Delma. I’m sure you will have lots of stories to tell us!! Be kind to your Mom, Greg:) Hope the rest of your trip is ‘smooth sailing’ Doug and Delma:) Keep those pictures coming … love seeing what you are up to. xo Sue and Brian

  9. Sue Wright · · Reply

    Hey Delma,
    Are you available for Judy’s birthday lunch next week? Which day might work for you … Wed., Thurs, or Friday? Looking forward to seeing you soon:) Hope we get a message today from you guys. Enjoy your time together… xo Sue

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