Time to Pull the Dock Lines

(Taganga, Colombia)

To date we have been at dock in Santa Marta Marina for two weeks. A serious length of time for us to be – one, at a marina, and two, in one place. But now that we have Doug and Delma, and as Doug so aptly put it “he is down to only hitting his head three times a day around the boat”, it’s time to pull the dock lines and get back out on the water.

We stayed at the marina for the afternoon though. To watch the Colombia World Cup match, but also to ensure we would be anchoring in the dark. A now regular, unnecessary, and unenjoyable routine aboard Oceanna. Might as well let the parentals experience it hey?

With the dock lines free and the fenders stored we made the daring, adventurous, three nautical mile hop over to the next bay. The evening winds were blowing in and we didn’t even bother with the sails. Once in the bay the anchoring dance commenced.

We aren’t in the Bahamas anymore Toto. Here we are anchoring in 20+ feet of water which translates into over 100 feet of chain that needs to go down. Couple that with three attempts to set the anchor and an already temperamental windlass and you have a mighty long  and testy anchoring procedure. Nothing to worry about though. We eventually got the anchor buried and we were happily bobbing on the hook in our new digs.


A good deck hand storing the fenders as we pull out of the marina.


The marina in the rearview. We’ll be back.


100 feet of chain down. 100 feet of chain up. Repeat three times. Our windlass was not a happy camper. And acted accordingly.

One comment

  1. Sue Wright · · Reply

    How are you doing, Delma? Thinking of all of you. Doug looks very comfortable as your deckhand Kaycee and Greg:) Anchoring does not sound like ‘fun’ at all!!! Why do you go into harbours at night? I must have missed something …. Hope the rest of your adventures are wonderful:) xo Sue

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