The Evans’ are in Colombia!

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia)

Fiction: Greg’s father packs plastic explosives on public airlines.

Fact: A Homeland Security Officer scored themselves four tubes of UV Resistant 3M 4000 Silicon.

We were perfectly on time to meet Greg’s parents, Delma and Doug, at the airport this morning. Unfortunately their luggage wasn’t on the same beat. Like Cruiser’s do, Greg had his Dad bring various boat parts and pieces down that we can’t easily get out hands on here. As soon as Doug lifted his bag from the luggage belt he knew it was light. Homeland Security in the States had confiscated four tubes of pricy silicon that we needed to seal the toe rails on deck that Greg recently scraped cleaned. (I guess that project is moved to the bottom of  the list.) And as much as Doug’s luggage woes sucked, at least he got his bag. Delma’s didn’t even show up!

After speaking to some airline officials, a formal report had been filed for the lost silicon, and Delma’s bag had been located and arrangements made for it to be delivered to the marina by mid day. Luggage aside, Doug and Delma were in Colombia!!

We hopped the bus back to Oceanna and were entertained by the thrilling driving skills and routes of public transit, all set to the unmistakable soundtrack of Dance Mix ’97.







  1. Where oh! Where did you find such handsome visitors?

  2. Sue Wright · · Reply

    So glad to hear you made it safely Doug and Delma:) Hope Delma’s luggage arrives soon. Have a wonderful time together on the boat.
    xo, Sue

    1. Her bag arrived mere hours after her. All is well here in Colombia!

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