EHS and Armed Homeboys

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia)

Since quitting my job back in October 2013 I have been continuously plagued by a mild yet altering disease. Symptoms include (but are not limited to) weight gain, lethargy, unexplained contentedness, and undeserved personal rewarding in the form of food or gifts. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I had it properly diagnosed: Extended Holiday Syndrome.

At last! A label for my ailment. Not that I’m willing to prescribe to the cure or that I’ll find any sympathy for my condition, but it’s the knowing that helps. It’s the 4th ice-cream in three days – explained. It’s the desire (or rather lack of desire) to do anything between the hours of 1-3pm but read a book and laze about – explained. It’s the shit-eating grin that happily resides on my face and the general sense of awe that fills my days – explained.

A syndrome I am now embracing for as long as I possibly can.

The days continue to pass by in the heat-drenched, time-bending way that they do here in Colombia. Greg’s parents have been planning to visit for the last little while and we’ve finally coordinated our schedules to meet them here tomorrow! We’re very excited to have them and even more excited to go exploring more of Colombia with them.

These last couple days then have been spent anticipating Doug and Delma’s arrival, watching the ever consuming World Cup, and catching more waves on the paddle boards. An activity that is becoming quite a spectator sport along the beach. Now don’t get me wrong, a few homeboys creeping along the beach is no big deal, but when those homeboys are armed with M-16 automatic rifles it’s a bit of a different feeling. There’s a military base just down the beach and what started as two camoed-out, rifled-up guys multiplied to five by the end of our session.


The banana boat leaving port. No really, it’s full of bananas.


Celebratory free round on the Marina! Vive Colombia!


View out towards our paddle boarding spot.


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