A Week in Colombia

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia)

A week in Colombia already and I don’t know where it went. Evidently we’ve become the worst photo takers as well so I don’t even have those to go off of.

Due to clearing in procedures in Colombia we have rented a slip at the local marina. It’s certainly a change from anchoring, but it definitely has its perks. All the water and power you can gobble up. To be more precise, all the HOT water and 120 volt power you can gobble up. Not that we need either for our everyday life but they’re sure nice for getting boat chores done. And our weekly showers have multiplied to every evening! Ha.

To clear us and Oceanna into the country we had to hire an agent. Dino has been more than worth his pesos. A day hasn’t passed that he hasn’t been by the boat with the next stack of paperwork. First he cleared Greg and me into the country through Customs and Immigration delivering freshly stamped passports the day after we arrived. Unfortunately Oceanna isn’t nearly as easy. First step she needs to be imported into the country for a year period. Next she needs to be cleared for a two month Cruising Permit, which doesn’t even allow you to “cruise”! To get clearance to boat around the area we are working on getting Jurisdictional Papers that grant us permission to “cruise” for 15 days. A whole mess of paperwork we’re happy to let Dino take care of. The icing on the cake is after all this is done, and it’s still not, you’re not set for the entire Country. Should we leave Santa Marta and go to Cartagena we have to start the procedure from the top. No thank you.

So where has a week gone? We’ve happily roamed the cobblestone streets taking in the beauty and noise of the city. Greg has shined up Marie until she is whiter than white. He also gave Oceanna a scrub but that wasn’t near the labour of love he put into Marie. We took a $2 propane driven taxi ride to the Hardware Store. And most excitingly we’ve got all wrapped up in the hype of the World Cup!

The Fifa World Cup kicked off in Brazil on Thursday and the festivities are more than felt here. Every vendor has jerseys and paraphernalia for sale, and the matches are on every TV available. With the majority of those TVs being propped up on milk crates in the streets. Our marina has even mounted a flat screen out on the patio for everyone to enjoy.

On Saturday Colombia played and we were more than happy to cheer for the home team. We had scoped out a fun looking hostel the day before and headed down for the match. From hostel, to boat, to hostel again the partying never stopped and Viva Colombia rang true in a 3-0 victory.





This is the last of our apricots from Haiti. Like no other apricot I have seen before but they sure were tasty.








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