Hasta Luego Grandpa

(Santa Marta, Colombia)

Something I forgot to mention about our boat search back in the Dominican Republic was that they found Grandpa. Not that we had the box hidden, but they came across him and wanted to know what it was. After one of the most awkward and challenging games of charades in my life the Official seemed to give up and wave me off.

This little event though made it pretty clear it was time to let Grandpa go. With the promise of more boat searches through South and Central America I’d rather spread Grandpa’s ashes in the big blue Caribbean Sea then have him seized and me in shit by the Colombian Drug Enforcement. Although I’m sure Grandpa would have a good laugh over that.

So today we put on some classic country tunes and set Grandpa on his way to the good life floating in the High Seas.

As the sun began to set on our third day Colombia began to materialize in the distance. As we got closer to land the wind began to die out and we were forced to motor in to Santa Marta. We entered the harbour to the bright lights of a bustling city and a busy port. Around midnight we dropped anchor and went to sleep patting ourselves on the back. We had made it to Colombia!




  1. Greg Foy · · Reply

    Nice work kaycee and Greg.
    He’s probably telling some far fetched story to a barracuda or two 🙂
    Nice shirt (one of my favs)

  2. Well done! I see in the pictures that you got dressed up for the special occasion – Grandpa would be proud! He’ll bring you good luck for that fishing pole on the ready too.
    He always liked to be a bit of a trouble-maker but we are all happier knowing that he’s ‘cruisin’ the Caribbean than tied up or in a tight spot with the Columbian Drup Enforcement.
    No more worries!

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