Shift Work

(Caribbean Sea)

Life underway becomes one blurry mess of naps and shifts. We set our night shifts in three-hour intervals. I see the sunset taking the 7-10pm and 1-4am shifts. While Greg gets the sunrise with the 10-1am and 4-7am shifts.

He’s not in it for the sunrise though. He prefers that shift because it’s prime fishing time. Now if Greg was writing this he’d certainly make note that I didn’t allow him to fish these first couple days which is complete bullshit. He made that call on his own. Because we were sailing at an average 8-9 knots and had no desire to slow down or turn around, hooking a fish just really wasn’t on our to-do list. That and we still have a freezer full of Mahi Mahi and Wahoo from the Bahamas.

During the day we don’t keep set shifts, but it basically works out if one person is awake and alert (just woke up from a nap) the other is lying down for a rest. It all goes pretty smoothly and hours fly by as quickly as the Caribbean under our keels.



Geared up for my first evening shift. At night we wear harnesses and tie off to “jack lines” that run the length of the boat. Safety first!


  1. So happy to see the safety gear and to know that safety comes first–thank you Kaycee–pretty sure those are your rules!!!

  2. I totally agree with Delma!! Stay safe!!

    And I love those sunsets!

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