Philip’s Advice

(Off the coast of Southern Haiti, Caribbean Sea)

Over the last couple days we’ve been chatting with a sailor named Philip. There isn’t a sailing catastrophe that hasn’t happened to this guy. His boat has been struck by lightning, he sailed in the eye of hurricane Irene, and he hit a floating c-can and sunk his boat in the Leeward Islands. This guy has been through the ringer. He has also covered tens of thousands of miles delivering boats and cruising so we tell ourselves that statistically maybe that’s not so bad?!

Anyhow, we told Philip about our plans to head south to Colombia from Ile-a-Vache and he strongly advised us to first go east to the Dominican Republic. This way we won’t have to sail so close to the east prevailing winds, and shouldn’t have to correct so much for westbound currents. Overall it should make for a more pleasant 400+ mile trip down to Colombia.

As we’re still relative newbies at this sailing thing we’ve decided to take his veteran advice and make the trek over to the DR and depart south from there. This unfortunately means we’ll be spending another day and a half tacking to get east. I sure hope it’s worth it.

After a hike this morning, one last check of the internet, and stocking up on some rum we left Ile-a-Vache at 3 pm to head east. Hopefully for the last time.


Mango tree and plantains just out of frame.




Local fishing nets lined with old cut up flip flops.

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