Eff Tacking

(Off the coast of Southern Haiti, Caribbean Sea)

Fact: No amount of focused brain function or sheer will power will cause the sun to rise any earlier.

Fiction: Tacking is fun.

There is very little about today that I wish to talk about. I woke up to the sun rising and Greg dodging tiny Haitian sloops off the southwestern corner of Haiti. An hour later we were clear of the fishing boats, but we were also clear of any coverage Haiti was giving us of the prevailing easterly winds. We were now up against 20-25 knot winds coming from exactly where we wanted to go. Around 10am we started what would turn out to be a 19 hour intensive tacking procedure. Smashing into the swell in either direction we kept Oceanna as tight to the wind as possible. Painfully covering miles and miles of choppy ocean as we zig zagged our way over to Ile A Vache. To add insult to injury the sun didn’t seem to be on our side either. The closer we got to our destination the more it became clear that we’d be arriving in the dead of the night. A situation we were not comfortable with, as the approach into Ile A Vache was completely unknown and the local fisherman have the waters littered with traps and floats perfect for getting caught in our props. There is nothing like watching the clock, continually calculating exactly how many minutes it should be till the sky starts to brighten. A completely defeating and exhausting enterprise. In a last-ditch effort to eat up time, at 1 am I went on shift and simply sent Oceanna out to sea. For two hours I tacked south, away from our destination, in hopes that by the time we made it back in there’d be some light breaking on the horizon. Greg later took over and turned us back to land.



Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 3.38.21 PM



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