The Windless Passage

(Windward Passage)

We set out this morning at 3:30am. Once we were clear of Great Inagua Island the wind filled in, we were full sail, and on our way. On our way straight for the lightning. Lightning turned out to be the theme of today. We sailed into it as we waited for the sun to rise, and then were treated to a show more spectacular than the best fireworks display as we started into our nights shifts. Luckily it was far in the distance and seemed to stay there, offering just the right balance of entertainment and terror to keep me awake throughout my shift.

Our day was spent pretty easily. After covering some serious miles sailing this morning the wind died out and on an engine went. Greg would like “them” to rename the Windward Passage to the Windless Passage as much time was spent adjusting sails to see what little wind we would could manipulate in our favour.

Greg finally bagged the elusive Wahoo he’s been waiting for. Wahoo sashimi is even better than the Mahi we’ve been enjoying so far.

Travelling through the Windward Passage there is charted out areas for north and southbound traffic. Therefore I was expecting something equivalent to a ship interstate with multiple ocean liners going in both directions. As we entered onto the freeway I was disappointed to see not a vessel in sight. Traffic stayed light all day and I watched as Cuba, an entire country, materialized in the distance and then faded back into the horizon.










  1. OMG, that’s a loooot of ocean to keep your eyes peeled on! I’ll bet it’s reassuring to see a sunrise, or a sunset or someTHING off in the distance.
    I’m sooo happy to know that you made it across safely!

    1. Sheesh Mom that wasn’t even the big passage!

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