Preparing to Go South

(Matthew Town, Great Inagua, Bahamas)

These last two days have been spent preparing for our journey south. Provisioning, hauling fuel, and making water. Greg even spent some time attempting to repair a fishing reel that he swears the-biggest-fish-in-the-ocean broke and got away on our sail from Acklins.

Really nothing too thrilling to report except that we’ve decided to make a stop in Haiti! We’ll be right there and can’t think of another time when we’ll have the opportunity or desire to go to Haiti. The whole “when in Rome” thing kind of applies. We’ll be stopping at Ile A Vache, an island in the south of Haiti. Unlike its mainland reputation, Ile A Vache is supposed to be very safe and cruiser friendly. We’re very much looking forward to checking it out.



One comment

  1. I know that look—was it worth the fix!!!!!! Good to hear and see the pics again!!!

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