Acklins to Great Inagua

(Matthew Town, Great Inagua, Bahamas)

Days like today I catch myself thinking – holy f*ck I’m sailing on the ocean. It then gets me marvelling in my present circumstance and pondering the ease at which we’ve transitioned into salty dogs. Like when did the phrases winch the jib sheet, hook the snubber, or fall off the wind become daily, common-place utterances to me? And since when do I know where the brands Yanmar, Jabsco, and Rocna fit into this world?

This reflection may be warranted thinking, or it may just be a result of a wandering mind due to 12 hours of sailing on the open water.

Today we set out from Acklins Island to our final stop in the Bahamas. We were thinking about an overnight stop at Hogsty Reef, but wind direction and a desire to get south saw us make the 85 nautical mile trip to Matthew Town on Great Inagua Island. The southernmost island of the Bahamas and the ideal launching point to set out for Colombia.

When we’re underway Greg likes to take what I’ll call “video diaries”. He says they’ll be great to watch someday when he’s back up working in Northern Alberta and living in camp. There’s one posted here for all to enjoy – I hope no one is watching it in camp.



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