Beach Gardening

(Datum Bay, Acklins Island, Bahamas)

Since we’ve left George Town and the Exumas we’ve been making a lot of miles. Yesterday was no exception. We tacked, we weathered some more burly black clouds, and we made last-minute the decision to go the extra 20 miles to make the next anchorage.

Today we stayed still. Well Oceanna stayed still and Greg and I enjoyed a day in the sun paddle boarding, beach combing, and doing a little beach gardening.

I would never describe myself as someone who possessed a green thumb, and my attempts at gardening while cruising certainly aren’t changing that description. Despite my greatest efforts our beloved bonsai is looking like it preferred life in North Carolina, although new green leaves in odd places tell me at least some part of it is still living.

Greg’s flowering cactus is obviously loving life and shows no signs of kicking the bucket. All it does is tip over every time we hit some rough swell and make a mess in the galley.

My attempt to keep an aloe – a plant I thought was bullet proof – seems to be at a standstill. It sits securely on the fence between life and death. Showing no sway either way. I imagine it is getting taller, and then in the same thought I swear it’s beginning to wilt.

The only thing that seems to be thriving is a clipping of a basil plant that Shannon gave me from somewhere in the Caribbean. From its rooting glass it moved to its new home of a cut out maple syrup bottle. May it fair better than the rest. And may it last longer than the maple syrup for that matter. G Evans may need to seek some counselling for Canada’s sweet sap when we get home. I’m worried what’s going to happen when our second, and last, bottle runs out.





  1. delma · · Reply

    It looks so remote and peaceful!!! Good luck with the plants!!!

  2. Bo McNeill · · Reply

    Glad you two are having a blast, we still miss you though!!

  3. It looks like you still remember some of your sand castles building skills that you learned at Candle Lake!!

  4. Erin B · · Reply

    Ha, if only the beaches at Candle looked like that!
    Love reading your blog Kaycee!! Looks and sounds SO amazing! Keep sailin’ safe 🙂

  5. Cascadura · · Reply

    Good to hear that Basil is still going strong. It was from Antigua (island in the eastern Caribbean so it loves the weather where you are now :).

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