Next Level Fishing

(Datum Bay, Acklins Island, Bahamas)

Today Greg hooked a swordfish. What in the hell do you do with a swordfish!

At first we thought we were going to lose all the line. As soon as it hooked it started to run and it was running fast. It wasn’t acting like any other fish we’d ever caught. We threw the brakes on Oceanna and somehow Greg got the rod under control. Of course it hooked on one of our smaller reels and Greg said it heated up so bad it felt like it was on fire.

After a lengthy battle Greg got the fish up within sighting distance and I was shocked to see a pointed spear pop out of the water. For one split second I dreamed it was a norwhal. (How much do I want to see one of those!) Then I came to my senses and Greg was absolutely jacked that he had a swordfish on the end of his line. I believe his words were “I don’t have a clue what to do with a swordfish.”

Greg got the feisty guy up to the back of the boat and stowed the rod back in the holder. Now that Greg was holding the line and we had this wild animal smashing and thrashing into the back of the boat – and the swim ladder, of course we caught him on the side with the swim ladder – we really realized we had no idea what to do with a swordfish.

I held the camera in awe of this knightly looking fish, Greg held the line attached to maniacal marine creature, and the swordfish thrashed and banged with everything it had. After minutes of our bewildered standoff the swordfish finally laid down the right combination of flips, flops, and  wild maneuvers and manage to unhook himself. Pfew! For the best. The thrill was enough for us.

Swordfish Hooked


Swordfish sword

Swordfish 2

Swordfish 3

Swordfish 4




  1. delma · · Reply

    Crazy–how exciting!!!! Glad it got away!!!

  2. Cascadura · · Reply

    Kyle reckons its not a swordfish, but rather one of the billfish. Either a sailfish or a smaller marlin. Both of them can fold their sail back when swimming fast. He says a swordfish has a fatter bill than that. And when talking about fish he is usually correct.

    He also says congrats on all the Mahi. You guys are killing it.

  3. You guys look like your having a blast! Nice gloves Greg!!

  4. Donnie B · · Reply

    Nice Greg! On a roll

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