Tips from Tom

(Gordons, Long Island, Bahamas)

I once heard that in the threat of a crash, a racecar driver is supposed to aim for the car that’s in the way, that way by the time they get there it will have moved on. Maybe I heard this from a Tom Cruise movie and maybe it’s completely bogus, but regardless it’s what I was thinking about today as we watched this huge thunderstorm cloud roll in.

It was big, seemed never-ending, and had the wonderful accessory of thunder and lightning. It was headed west and we were going east, so straight for it we went. The winds stayed pretty steady, the rain was pretty average, and I watched two separate lightning strikes seemingly right off the front starboard bow. Luckily we were going our separate ways and it eventually moved over us to go torture someone else.

By the time the thunderstorm passed we were anchors down off Long Island. Before the anchoring and before the storm, Greg reeled in another two Mahi Mahi. A thrill that never seems to get old. And now that I’ve mastered grilled Mahi, fried Mahi, blackened Mahi, sushi Mahi, and curried Mahi – it’s a meal that never seems to bore as well.

Our new anchorage offered a run aground, abandoned, South Carolina research boat for Greg’s playground needs. Miss Shirley made for quite an impressive backflip launch.

Mahi to Long Island

Mahi to Long Island landed







  1. delma · · Reply

    What can a mother say!!!!!!Good technique???????(be careful!!!!!) Kaycee,you are suppose to be on my side!!!!!

  2. Maybe just watch a few more of those awesome sunsets – stay safe!!

  3. […] of the day, any of Greg’s movements involved the turning of his entire body. (I’d say this day was his better […]

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