Honing Our Skills

(Dollar Harbour, Long Island, Bahamas)

If we’re going to do something we might as well get good at it right? As it seems, our current skill to master would be running aground. Today we managed to bottom out our keels not once, not twice, but three more times. Brilliant.

Long story short we took the quicker of two possible routes south which included Hog Cay Cut. I small and very shallow cut that has one ripper of a current. I won’t say anything about the detailed trackline that I laid out on the GPS for Greg to follow based on our charts. I won’t say how when I was up on the bow scouting ground Greg threw caution to the wind and completely ignored said trackline. I won’t say how after we successfully drove our starboard keel into the ground I went back to see the GPS and our current track was literally going in the opposite direction of the pilotable route out of the shallows. Nope I won’t mention any of that.

Honestly though, the current ripping through this cut was crazy. It was like a rushing river. Greg was amazing that he could even keep Oceanna pointed in the right direction. He’s also quite skilled with getting us off the ground, so a little maneuvering and we were backing out and turning around for safer ground, or should I say water? A little back-tracking, a bounce over a tight spot, and we were back on track. After we made it past the real danger zone it was close to an hour of sailing through water no deeper than 9 feet. I yearned for the seas where our depth reader could no longer register a number.

Once we finally got to our planned anchorage at Dollar Harbour we found the inlet to be nothing like our charts described. After nudging the all to familiar sandy bottom for the third time in one day we called it quits and anchored out in the surge. We were over it.

In positive happenings today, Greg reeled in another toothy baracuda for kicks and he even fixed one of the cars for the mainsail. He ceases to amaze me in his handy abilities.

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 10.38.00 AM




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  1. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    We continue to enjoy the stories and love the way Kaycee writes. Also love to see the sunsets, the mahi mahi and the plumeria (reminds us of Maui). Keep having fun and stay safe as the adventure continues. Judy J.

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