Filling Up in George Town

(Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas)

Filling up on: groceries, shaft oil, free wifi, steering cable info, bbq ribs and rice, and rake and scrape.

Morning chores have become somewhat of a regular occurrence on Oceanna. Today’s included inspecting the steering cables as Dave told us a horror story about how he found his hanging by a thread just in time to fix them. Greg also changed the shaft oil on the Yamy. A regular maintenance step for new engines. Greg was pretty proud of his work station. He was able to pull the dinghy over on the davits and do the work right off the back steps.

Other chores included grocery shopping. Now lucky for us we did some serious Costco cupboard stocking in North Carolina and don’t need to get that much, because things aren’t so well priced in the Bahamas. The Bahamas have next to no local produce so what is available is shipped in and very expensive. Now if I’m being perfectly honest I’ve never been one to take note of grocery prices all that closely. I’m certainly my father’s daughter that if I want an apple I’m just going to buy an apple. So at first I used to just pick up random things and state their price with a shocked expression to Greg and assume, evidently correctly, it was near double the regular North American price. It wasn’t until I saw a $13 watermelon that it became glaringly clear. $13 for a watermelon! Not even one big enough that I could hollow it out and wear it on my head in support of the best football team playing.

Tonight we went to a hotel for local food and tunes. Greg got his fill of ribs and although I saw no raking or scraping the band was great putting an island swing on known songs I’d recognize halfway through.








  1. Robert Harris · · Reply

    Nice to see the peace and plenty is still the go to spot.

    1. It sure is! Great food, great music, and of course great rum punch.

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