The University of Cruising

(Little Farmer’s Cay, Exumas, Bahamas)

There’s no school in the world that covers the width and breadth of knowledge that cruising does. At least that’s what I think…

Today’s topics of learning:

  • What to do When Reef Sharks Attack – a lecture given based on firsthand experience by Dave of Texas Two Step.
  • Product Water Output – an experiment to deduce the true value in gallons per hour of our watermaker.
  • Woodworking 101 – a practical experience stripping teak with a tip from our old dock-mate Joe back in North Carolina.
  • Custom Boat Design – a comparison in changes made on two different Lagoon 410s, Oceanna and Shiloh (John and Holli’s)
  • Apartheid – an enlightening and extensive history of racial segregation in South Africa, covering past and present consequences, including local knowledge and experience presented by John and Holli of Shiloh.
  • Racial Stereotyping in Canada – a biased, and completely unfounded rant courtesy of G. Fresh
  • What is a South African Braai – an attempt to recreate the epic carnivorous BBQ that South Africans call Braai’s (pronounced bry) based on the dwindling remains of our Costco meet supply.
  • How to make the Most of Sundowners – a comprehensive application of extending sundowners from 3pm to 10pm

Tell me where else you can pick up all that knowledge in one day!






  1. delma · · Reply

    Love all the zodiacs lined up!!!!! How does the Marie fit in??

  2. delma · · Reply

    Those rants from G.Fresh should be a thing of the past with all that relaxation and fun stuff!!(Work on it!!!!!!!)

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