T-Rex Descendants

(Black Point, Great Guana Cay, Exumas, Bahamas)

Ida’s laudromat is a great place to spend time in Black Point. There’s the obvious laundering abilities which are properly boasted as the best facilities in the Caribbean, but it also has free wifi, deadly $1 carrot cake, and turns out to be a sweet place to meet new friends.

Tim, a Dauphin Manitoba guy, and Aoife from Ireland split their time 6 months sailing around the world and 6 months back to the real world. In the last five years they sailed the Med, crossed the Atlantic, cruised the Caribbean, and worked in Dublin.

After boat chores were out of the way, we all loaded up in Marie* and ripped out to Bitter Guana Cay to check out the Iguanas. The Cay is a protected Iguana habitat so there’s dinosaur relic lizards running amok. It’s also a quick hike up the limestone cliff to the windward side of the Cays for a great view of the Exuma Sound.

*It’s common practice to name your dinghy just as you name your boat. We (Greg) have been waiting for the right name to come to us since we left North Carolina, but have come up short. I have taken to calling her Marie. Marie, the most common middle name for girls from my generation. Me included. This drives Greg wild and I think it’s beginning to stick as he still hasn’t come up with an alternative!










  1. What do those native lizards eat? They look to be quite a size.
    And tell Greg that I think Marie is a perfect name! It has a marine flavour and isn’t she just like family!

  2. delma · · Reply

    I agree with your mom–The Marie sounds perfect!!! But if that doesn’t work what about the Iggy Marie!!!!! Those iguanas look pretty cool–you guys are sure seeing some pretty neat things from giant pics to enormous iguanas!!!

  3. Logan · · Reply

    Totally awesomme pics, enjoy the adventure! -From Texas, Logan

  4. Donnie B · · Reply

    Did you happen to get any of momma’s bread or catch up with DJ at the bar? I bet you met some nice people in Black Point.

    1. We didn’t get Momma’s bread and asked around for DJ to no avail. BUT we did have more than our fair share of Ida’s cake. Too good.

    2. Donnie whats shaking mate! We had tons of cake as for the partying in Black Point it was kind of non existent we cruised by the old bar and chatted the boys up! Hope all is good amigo!

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