We Finally Did It

(Black Point, Great Guana Cay, Exumas, Bahamas)

Yup. We finally ran aground.

A cruiser friend once told me there’s three options when talking to someone about running their boat aground. 1) They’ve already done it. 2) They’re about to do it. 3) They’re lying about it. So the way I see it, I’m glad we’ve got it out of the way.

Late this afternoon when we finally decided to leave Staniel Cay there were two options for heading south on the leeward side. One out and around Harvey Cay; the other taking a shallow, shorter route through a large sand shoal. It was low tide and Greg has a propensity for “rolling the dice” so you’ll only need one guess as to which route we took. We had barely entered the extremely shallow passage when things started to look wrong. I was on the bow spotting and I could make out a starfish lying on the bottom like it was set out on a table directly in front of me. Shortly after our port keel hit ground. Now, we weren’t too freaked out because the tide was going up and we were sitting on sand. Regardless, Greg did some fancy forward-back dual engine maneuvers and we were off and ripping a 180 out of there. We took the Harvey Cay route after all.

Before our “fun” out on the sand shoal we spent the day taking in the rest of Staniel Cay. Dinghy rides by mega yachts with dope-ass “dinghies”, a walking tour of town, another dive at Thunderball Grotto, and a visit to Staniel Cay’s other claim to fame – the swimming pigs.

These pigs were huge and if they could manage it, they preferred not to swim. Greg thought about attempting a rodeo ride but chickened out and opted for a game of leapfrog. A game the pig was not keen to play.






Pig Frame







  1. delma · · Reply

    Was wondering what you guys had been up to—wow!!!! Love the booginvillia pic(totally spelled incorrectly but have searched and can’t find it!!!) Nice touch in your hair. Glad the running aground worked out!!!!!! It all looks amazing and like your mom I love the blues–such contrast at times!!! Keep up the good work of having fun and being safe!!!!!

    1. There are flowers everywhere Delma!! The colours are always amazing.

  2. Wow now that is a big ass pig!!! Photos are great keep em coming…. Mick

    1. That’s what I thought!! Especially when it’s making fast moves at the dinghy. Glad you’re keeping up with Mick. Definitely miss seeing you on the daily.

  3. Cascadura · · Reply

    Good to hear that you have christened the bottoms of your keels. Don’t feel bad we did it last year in the Bahamas and again this year. (so with that I am not in the 3rd group of the kinds of people you meet). The kids are missing you guys. Wishing we had headed south with you instead of North 😦

    1. Cascadura we would have loved to buddy boat with you around the world. It’s not too late. Turn around!!!!

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