Diving at Norman’s Cay

(Skipjack Point, Norman’s Cay, Exumas, Bahamas)

We’ve spent the last two days at Norman’s Cay. The days have been filled with diving and more diving. Greg couldn’t be happier.

Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s Norman’s Cay was the headquarter’s for a drug lord of the Medellin Cartel of Colombia. He used the property as a shipping base for smuggling drugs into the United States. What remains of the Cartel days is a sunken drug plane in the nearby shallows. It’s a haven for fish and beautiful for diving. You can swim through the hull, under the wings, and all throughout. While I was enjoying a school of little reef fish surrounding me, Greg was scoping out a huge yellow tail snapper under the plane, and a holed up monster lobster under the right wing. If you look hard enough in the second photo you can see Greg shoved up under the wing trying to dislodge to beast for a better look. For the record – the lobster won.

Besides the plane we got in two other great dives. One out the inlet where Greg speared the snapper pictured below while riding the rushing current back into the shallows. And for our second dive, today we dinghied out to the northern boundary of the Exuma Land and Sea Park and were rewarded with beautiful coral heads and black tip reef sharks!

In the beginning the dive was beautiful with multi colour coral and the most parrot fish I’ve ever seen. At our farthest point from the dinghy – as it so often goes – we saw the first black tip. By no means is it a tiger shark, but a shark is a shark. We watched him for a while and Greg went for a closer look with the GoPro. Eventually he hit the road and we were busy looking for fish again.  We spotted some big grouper and the chase was on. Greg chased the grouper, and I chased Greg. The grouper, as they do, finally made for a hole in its hide-and-seek way. A practice that really isn’t in its best interest as now it’s an easy shot for Greg to make. Problem is as Greg came up for a breath to go back down and make the kill-shot, two cheeky black tip sharks came rolling in looking for a free meal.

Now Greg may be keen for the adrenaline rush of spearing with sharks stalking, waiting for their share, but I certainly am not. And luckily I have a boyfriend that knows where to draw the line with his prairie girl. We made our way back to the dinghy with the intention of motoring back over to the grouper hole with me in the dinghy nearby. That way I’d be close by to grab the fish to give the sharks less of a chance for the steal. No deal. The grouper were gone.

(We got some good video of this diving, it’ll be up once it’s compiled and ready. Stand by)









  1. delma · · Reply

    Glad to see the Sequence game getting some use!!!! Never played with two–how does it work?? Try and keep that boy in line Kaycee!!!!!(glad to hear he has some respect for you and the sharks!!!!!)

  2. delma · · Reply

    The blue pillows and coverings look great–what a great blue you picked!!!!!

    1. Thanks Delma. Those pillows are actually a new addition. I had the material but nothing to stuff pillows with. Then it dawned on me, we had all these blankets that we don’t use because it’s too stinking hot. So voila, now we have pillows and blanket storage!

      1. Hey Greg, this is Mr. KJ from the States. I’ve been getting so much bad information on whats goin on on Norman’s Cay.Question, was their any major development projects ongoing on Normans Cay? I keep getting bad information from Real Estate agents and if you can assist me with some concrete knowledge, that would be great. Because my partners and I are very interested in purchasing “THE VOLCANO” ole Carlos Leghders property thats still standing there, if its available. I think it would be great for a getaway vacation property, so if you can update me since you were recently there, that would be a tremendous blessing and if you have any Norman Cay contacts, please connect me with you Greg.

        Thanks in advance.

      2. Hi, We actually never stepped foot on land at Norman’s Cay. Just enjoyed the diving around it. Hopefully you’ll be able to find someone else with better information. Best Regards.

  3. Cascadura · · Reply

    2 Things…
    1) did Greg really put the Camo wetsuit on to dive on the wrecked plane? I love that !!!!!
    2) showed the kids…they said they totally wish they were there to play sequence with you

  4. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    How was the Chat and Chill for a beer on Lee Stocking Island….Ken…..another nice looking bay to anchor in…..

    1. We were actually anchored right in front of Chat and Chill last night! A bit disappointed it wasn’t a Sunday night. We’re sure the pig roast would be a blast.

  5. This is amazing guys. I’m ridiculously jealous right now. Greggy – just when I thought you couldn’t improve on your pimped out van in Australia, you do even better on a boat. See you in the Maldives! Ps – really enjoying the little write-ups Kaycee

    1. Hey Thanks Mate! It has been a blast setting it up and learning how to use it all! Come aboard whenever you want mate we have lots of extra room. We are headed to Columbia and Central America in a couple weeks, we could go hit up El Salvador for round 2!

  6. Norman Island, home of Pirates Bight Bar, Restaurant, and Gift Shop, is perhaps most famous for being the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island. However, Norman Island also has a rich documented history of acting as a hiding spot for Pirate booty.Documented history for the island dates back to the early 18th century when a Spanish galleon called Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe buried 55 chests of silver coins after the crew mutinied aboard the ship.

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