Adios Hatchet Bay

(Rock Sound, Eleuthra, Bahamas)

All good things must come to an end. Just learnt it was Geoffrey Chaucer who said this circa 1374. Well Mr Chaucer you certainly have a way with words, but unfortunately that doesn’t make it any easier.

After spending a week – a week! that’s the longest we’ve stayed anywhere yet – it was time to leave Hatchet Bay and the great people we’ve met here.  Although we’ve just started cruising I highly doubt we’ll meet a cooler cruising family than the Kreeger’s. Thanks for the memories.




  1. So glad you got that experience with the Kreeger’s—I’ll bet they felt pretty lucky to have met you guys too—from all the pics with them it looked like you had a lot of fun!!! I think it was a win win situation for all of you —and think it’s only just begun!!!!!

  2. Cascadura · · Reply

    Kaycee and Greg, awww thanks that is so nice to say. But we think delma is right…we are the lucky ones to have met you guys. You have made such a wonderful positive impression on our children (it is why we decided to take them out was to meet awesome people like you all). I can tell you that after being out for 2 years you guys are right at the top of the list of people we have met.

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