The Lionfish

(Hatchet Bay Harbour, Eleuthra, Bahamas)

Plans were made and you can bet your ass an 11-year-old will hold you to them. At 8:30 this morning all the guys loaded up and set out with one common thought. Lionfish annihilation.

The lionfish is an invasive species, native to the Indo-Pacific. Killing them is encouraged, and lucky they make for pretty good eating.

Some time passed and soon dinghies were ripping back. But no one came to Oceanna. I assumed they were just cleaning the fish all in one spot. Then more dinghies ripping around, boat to boat, but none to Oceanna. My imagination started to kick in. It wasn’t until Greg and Kyle came back to the boat did I find out what was going on. Kyle’s opening words as they approached were, “We have an emergency!”.

Kevin had been stung by a lionfish. When I googled lionfish stings this line stuck with me, “A lionfish sting won’t kill you, but you’re going to wish that you were dead.”

The day passed with Kevin in the clinic, clouds overhead, and Katey, Kyle, and myself watching Up. The night wrapped up with a vengeance potluck. Main course: lionfish.




One comment

  1. Cascadura · · Reply

    Haha, never heard that story from the point of view of someone on another boat wondering what all the dinghy’s kept doing running all around…but when I think back it all makes sense…not that anything was going to make sense at the time with all that pain…

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