Board Sports

(Hatchet Bay Harbour, Eleuthra, Bahamas)

You can tell how much Greg loves surfing on a morning like today. Nothing was getting me and my boxed wine hangover out of bed this morning, but when the alarm went off at 6am Greg was up, boardies on, and gone in the dinghy to meet up with Don to head to the beach.

Greg came back late morning ranting about how epic the swell was. Don, him, and a new friend were catching waves like it was their job and he was utterly stoaked on the surf the Bahamas had to offer. He finished his reporting then immediately fell asleep.

Not to limit a day to only one board sport, later that afternoon Kevin and the kids came by and we played behind the dinghy. Kyle showed off his sweet moves on a wakeboard, Greg dangled on his skim board, and I wiped out on my kiteboard. If it didn’t feel enough like a sweet summer day at Moosomin Lake, it sure did when the tube came out and Katey and I went for a tear around the Harbour. If you ever want to feel the carelessness and joy of your 8-year-old self again, just hop on a tube behind a boat. Sweet, sweet times.

Oh, and we found a seahorse, that Katey named Oceanna.






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  1. Cascadura · · Reply

    You don’t give yourself enough credit…you rocked the kiteboard (a.k.a. improvisational wakeboard) and when I read this to Katey she says you were her favorite tubing-partner EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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