Activities, Activities, Activities

(Hatchet Bay Harbour, Eleuthra, Bahamas)

What a day!

What. A. Day.

Huge surf, followed by Glass Window, then caving, all tied up with a deadly potluck. Nothing but sweet activities and awesome people to do them with.

Last night Kevin had mentioned they had been invited to go down to surfer’s beach with Don, another cruiser, who had rented a car. We may have invited ourselves and Don was more than happy to take us. We showed up to big, overhead, mushy waves pumping in the Atlantic side of the island. Don and Greg were the only ones brave enough to attempt the paddle out. I got tired just watching them. Greg got out and, regardless of his 2+ year surfing hiatus and the messy swell, managed to catch a few waves. The Mothership has now successfully brought spearing and surfing.

After the beach we ventured up island more to check out Glass Window. Toted “the narrowest place on earth”, you can contrast the dark blue of the churning Atlantic on one side with the calm turquoise of the leeward shallow waters. The island used to be connected by a natural arc here, but that was destroyed in a hurricane. They put in a bridge and that was destroyed by a rogue wave. So naturally, let’s go play on the edge of the surrounding cliffs. Ha. Watching the swell under the new bridge you are reminded of the power of nature. Watching the swell crash into the cliffs and nip at Greg and Kyle’s feet you are reminded just how slow your reaction time is.

From cliff tops to cave bottoms, next we hit up Hatchet Bay Caves. An extensive cave system with over a mile of twisting passages. I’ll say it’s because they had the best lights, but I’ll admit I had no problem sending Kyle and Katie ahead. It was dark down there. At one point we killed all our lights and there’s something very peculiar about holding your hand an inch from your nose and not being able to make out the slightest feature. We weaved through small tunnels to cathedral-like domes, all while swearing the latest shadow was a bat. The caves were discovered pre-1900’s and if you scan the graffiti littered walls you can find tags that date back that far. Now the believer in me can see these marks and imagine some Caribbean pirate with torch in hand, while my pessimistic counterpart Gregory, sees some joker similar to himself screwing with the gullible tourist.

Not wanting to let the good times stop we ended the night with a shaker of a party disguised as a potluck. Kevin and Shannon hosted Iain and Fiona, Don, Keath, and us on their beautiful boat, a 43 foot Robertson and Caine. Awesome food was shared, classy boxes of wine were drunk, games were played, braids were made, and Kyle – the self-taught fisherman – made a lure out of Gregory’s hair.
























  1. It looks like sooo much fun! I wish I was there….and not here, yesterday where is was about 4 degrees all day, and cloudy, and a minus windchill, and a 100 km round trip to get everyone in the freezing fields fed some supper.

    1. There’s lots of room on the boat when those farmer’s get those crops in and off!

  2. Cascadura · · Reply

    Kyle says that is just about the only thing we “didn’t” do in Hatchet bay was have that “hair lure” fishing contest we kept talking about….we will have to do that the next time we see you guys – cause Kyle says we HAVE to see you guys again some day somehow someway (and the rest of us agree)

    1. Tell Kyle we’re all on the exact same page. We’ll see you guys again someday for sure!

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