“I Don’t Normally Take Pictures of My Food”

(Current Settlement, Eleuthra, Bahamas)

Yesterday we made the move from Royal Island. Not wanting to record two skunks in a row Greg was happy to reel in a scary little barracuda. In the water with their mouths closed, these guys don’t look near as mean. Unfortunately now that I’ve stared down their tooth lined jaws my heart rate in the water with them will have increased appropriately.

The barracuda did not get the customary goodbye kiss when he was thrown back to his home.

Yesterday we were destined for Gregory Town on the leeward side of Eleuthra Island. A smooth looking anchorage, and a fish-possible cut, easily stopped us along the way. The cut is Current Cut. Aptly named for the quick flowing current that hauls through it with the changing tides.

Greg went for a “river ride” dive last night and came back pretty hot and heavy over all the fish he saw. To no surprise, today was devoted quite heavily to diving. First thing in the morning we had an aborted mission to a reef 5 miles across the sound. We were flying along in the dinghy, bouncing across the choppy swell when all of a sudden the normal engine sound was replaced by something completely different and I looked back to see Greg holding our brand new engine from falling into the ocean. It had bounced clean off the transom. We had raised the engine (at the advice of the dealer) and not locked clamps, two things that are now and forever reversed.

After the scare we spent the day closer to home riding the current through the cut. Greg scored a big fat grouper and I kept my eyes peeled for barracuda.







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  1. delma · · Reply

    Looks like a meal fit for a king and queen!!!! Bet it was good!!!

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