Shea and Tasha Get to Sail

(Nassau Harbour, Bahamas)

Once the engine decision was made yesterday it was nearing 4 o’clock, and in Island Time that doesn’t leave near enough room before 5 to get the engine uncrated in the back. So we were back first thing this morning to crown the dinghy with Greg’s new pride and joy.

Yamaha specifications say not to run the engine over 50% for the first 2 hours. Greg will have to summon 2 hours of self-control from some currently untouched store should he plan on sticking to the book. My bet – the book gets tossed out the boat.

Another HUGE perk of hanging out in Nassau for a couple of days is that my brother Shea and sister-in-law Tasha had a stop here today on their cruise ship.

Off one boat and on to the next, we were excited to show some guests that Oceanna really does sail! (Sorry Mom and Dad). After the obligatory tour of our first home, I gave Shea the run down on the ropes. By the time he knew snubber from sheet we were ready to raise anchor.

We left the east entrance of the harbour and raised the sails on the other side of Paradise Island. Tasha and I kept Oceanna into the wind while Greg and Shea hoisted the main right to the top of the mast – no winch needed. The wind was light and the seas were calm as we killed the engines and had a beautiful sail of 5-6 knots. We may have sailed on forever but our newfound crew had a ship to catch. After checking back in with Nassau Harbour Control, we entered back in the west harbour entrance and motored right past Shea and Tasha’s cruise ship. (Auntie Barb if you’re reading this the mojito photo is for you!)

We chose a new anchorage and when Shea and Greg dove down to check the anchor (holding was treacherous here, cinder blocks and tires and you-name-it littered the floor) they came up with conch!

(Note – we’re unsure if it’s legal to take conch from the Nassau Harbour, but no one scolded us, and well, ignorance is bliss.)

After a tour around downtown Nassau we had to say goodbye to Shea and Tasha. The time went by way too quickly, but we were happy have had the visit in the first place!

Back on Oceanna we rounded up the conch and took them ashore to have the local Bahamians school us on how to clean them. Conch knowledge for us, Budweiser for all!










  1. 2 Beauties having mojitos!!

  2. Looks like a great place to spend time. Check your email Greg. Love Dad

  3. Looks fabulous!! I want the next set of photos to be with Aunt Mo! :). Where shall we meet for a drink?

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