Taking a Page from Uncle Greg’s Purchasing Book

(Nassau Harbour, Bahamas)

Today was the day Greg has been looking forward to the same way an 8-year-old awaits Christmas morning. Today we were getting a new outboard engine for the dinghy. Up until now we have been putzing around with a little 5hp. And if you know Greg even a little bit – let’s say for an hour – you know this absolutely won’t do.

This morning we set out for Nassau on a windless, glassy ocean. We were b-lining it straight for Harbour Side Marine where they still sold 2 stroke Yamaha engines. Due to emission laws you can’t purchase them anymore in North America. The only question that remained was 15hp or 30hp.

Once we were in the shop Greg’s indecision grew. On one hand you had the 15hp. It was the norm for cruisers with our size of dinghy. It would have considerably more power than the current engine. It was easier to handle and significantly cheaper than the alternative. It’s downfall – it’s a 15 hp, and in Greg’s mind, because of models and detuning, that’s really just a 9.9hp.

On the other hand you had the 30hp. Possibly too much engine for our dinghy. More weight, and more money. But you best believe it’ll get you where you want to go. And we’ve got diving spots, surf breaks, and the rest of the world to cover from the Mothership.

Only so much time can be spent watching Greg flip flop over two shiny engines before I pulled a page from my Uncle Greg’s purchasing book. Let’s go get a beer.

We walked down the street. Grabbed two cold Sands beers and strolled through an outdoor market. By the bottom of the can Greg had his mind made up. And no one will be surprised to hear we went big.



  1. Gary Cave. Aka Uncle Gary · · Reply

    Go Big. Or go home!!

  2. Greg and Kaycee: It goes to prove … size does matter….

    1. Hahaha. In this application it certainly does!

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