Sharks and Starfish and Squid

(Frazer’s Hog Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas)

Greg’s latest form of amusement while underway is something we call “Shark Bait”. He hooks one of the Live Little Tuny lures to his dive float line and trolls it behind the boat. It’s never really offered any entertainment beyond that until today when we pulled it in. No shark, but a little less tuny…

While checking the anchor at our newest stop, Greg came sputtering to the surface and I could only imagine what was chasing him. Nothing in fact. He had spotted a huge starfish! This set into motion a starfish rally which produced 4 beautiful, orange-red starfish in minutes. All of which were sent back home after I snapped a photo.

During the starfish rally Greg swears he saw squid. I’m skeptical of this vision as I wasn’t able to hook one, even after jigging for what seemed like an eternity.





  1. So glad you guys are finally having a great time!!(sure looks like it from all the pics and comments) Stay focused and keeping having fun and making awesome memories!!!!!

  2. Bo McNeill · · Reply

    Pictures are awesome, sure miss you guys!!

    1. Thanks Bo! I hope all is well with you. Keep in touch.

  3. Amanda · · Reply

    Boy oh Boy…. looks like a blast.. I’m soo jealous in one breath.. but the next one im super excited you and Greg are actually sailing.. YAY… Keep posting the pictures..

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