Oceanna Hauls Ass to The Bahamas

(West End, Grand Bahama, Bahamas)

Yesterday we left our trusty anchorage in Ft Lauderdale to grab a mooring ball out in the ocean. The weather was in our favour to cross today and we needed to be on the other side of two bridges that only operated from 7-7.

As we settled into our new spot for the night, we realized just how long we’d been at a quiet, flat anchorage. On the rolling-rocking, never-stopping, open-ocean; we spent the night readjusting our stomachs to the sea.

Anchors up for sunset and we were hauling across the Atlantic Ocean before the coffee was even on. And I mean hauling! Full sail and an easy 8-9 knots basically all day. Greg hooked and landed 2 Mahi Mahi, and threw the little guy back. (An act that haunts him still.)

We had set out destined for the Bimini Islands, but a mid-game decision change due to the north flowing Gulf Stream and the SSE blowing wind saw us point for West End on Grand Bahama Island.

We dropped anchor shortly after 5pm. We had made it to the Bahamas! We celebrated with fresh mahi tacos.



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