“Linger a Little”

(Anchored -Middle River, Ft Lauderdale, Florida)

This is the wise advice we got from our new friend’s Steve and Truust. We met Steve and Truust while out for a paddle in our Ft Lauderdale anchorage (we’re ready to go to the Bahamas just waiting for a weather window). Steve and Truust own a 46 foot Crowther catamaran that they had custom-built and have been sailing around the world for the past 12 years! Undeniably they are a wealth of sailing knowledge and were kind enough to invite us to the local weekly meeting of the Seven Seas Cruising Association.

Over breakfast we met tons of new people, all with their own lifetime of cruising stories. It was awesome getting to meet them, and yet another testament to how caring and accepting the cruising community is.

We left their company a little bit more the wiser, or perhaps a little bit more scared? I’ll not soon forget the story of “dodger sailing” in 50 knot winds.

Linger a little is Steve and Truust’s advice to take our time cruising the world. Pick where we really want to go, and actually go and spend some time there. “If you’re going places just to say you’ve been there, it’s easier to do it on the internet.”


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