Our First Official Boat Guests . . . Got Shortchanged

(Anchored – MIddle River, Ft Lauderdale, Florida)

A week with my parents aboard really went by too fast. I can honestly say I was sad to see them go, and I know, they were equally as sad to leave. Not because they were saying goodbye to their only daughter, but because in an entire week they didn’t get to move one inch on Oceanna. (Well actually they moved in a 50 foot radius around the anchor, but that doesn’t really count.)

Greg was right on top of the engine issue and had a plan in place to make the repair, but as luck would have it, the new bearing housing wouldn’t be in our possession until the day my parents were scheduled to fly out.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – and that’s exactly what we did! I actually made pink lemonade and spiked it with gin. Without telling my Mom I gave her a drink, and after taking a huge chug she hands it back and says, “Ya that’s good, but it’d be better with vodka or gin in it.” Sheesh! Ha.

Dad was just as good for some laughs. The paddle boards were always out and made for a welcome escape from the heat. Mom and I were first to go for a cruise around the canals sightseeing all the massive yachts and equally impressive homes. When Greg and Dad went out, Greg jumped on his board in one smooth leap. Dad, on the other hand, did the safe kneeling entry for his maiden voyage. Once they were out and paddling around, a couple of boats flew by, and some sweet vengeance was repaid to him for all the tubing rides of my youth, as the wakes double up and knocked him off his board.

Not to be outdone by a guy less than half his age, my Dad got to practicing his paddle board entry while Greg was away getting water. Mom was upfront on the trampoline reading and the two of us were going to pros at jumping on the boards and no one would be the wiser of how we came across our new technique.

Dad’s first jump was the stuff of America’s Funniest Home Videos. The perfect two foot plant, with the associated board going forward and old Jeffy-poo doing the prime example of “ass-over-tea-kettle” off the back. His second jump also ended with him in the water, but the always lucky third try saw him floating away all smiles on two feet. I managed to ace the jump first try, and when I looked back to cheer to Dad I should have known I’d forgotten something when I saw the look of pure joy on his face. Not joy at his daughter’s prowess, but at the fact that I left the leash tied to the boat and in a matter of seconds I’d be hurtled forward as the board rebounded back.

It was all fun and games on the boat. Mom, Dad, and I had an ongoing tally of the crib score, which I can happily report I whoped the both of them. We even managed to get Greg to play Sequence on the last night, and as always, emotions soared!

We spent a day down at the beach. Dad found a beach pub, and made some friends. Mom soaked up the sun, and walked the beach. Greg launched my kite, and was underpowered. Then we all enjoyed some margaritas over some amazing Mexican food.

On another runaway of a day, we found ourself back at the beach on a rooftop bar.  Us girls had a thrilling comeback as we took the victory in a three game match of beanbag toss. And Dad was the undoing in a very amusing game of Jenga.

There wasn’t a dull moment with my parents visiting and I really hope they had a good time regardless of our anchored situation. What I wish for more though, is that they go home, get the crop in the ground, then come right on back! Thanks for the great time.











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