Distinguishing Time

(Atlantic Ocean – Florida Coast)

There’s something funny about time offshore. Or maybe it’s just all time when dealing with a boat? But here passed another day, I have one picture to show for it, and I couldn’t determine a single distinguishing moment.

The sun shone. The boat moved. And to Greg’s disappointment, the fish didn’t bite.

We had moved in much closer to shore, as the Gulf Stream flows much tighter to Florida and we were trying to stay off the treadmill going the wrong way.

We had settle in quite nicely to our night shifts. Remy: 9 to midnight. Kaycee: Midnight to 3. Greg: 3 to 6am. The only excitement that comes to me now is dodging small fishing boats in the dead of the night.



  1. Uncle wayne · · Reply

    The ‘tuna prize’ pic in your blue undies…is simply heroic!
    A while in miami. All is OK?
    U.W. (uncle wayne)

    1. Bahamas bound tomorrow UW. More undies pics coming your way!

  2. Rae and Jerry Zollo · · Reply

    No fish?! About time you got skunked. How do you like it? Jerry
    P.S. Looks like you’re having the time of your life.

    1. Hahaha, that comment made him laugh but I’m sure also only fed the fire to hook the next big one. I’ll be sure to get the photo evidence should it ever happen!

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