St Augustine Pit Stop

(Atlantic Ocean – Florida Coast)

Although we’re covering distance like an epic road trip, sailing is far from the road trips I’m used to. I loved the Yota and everything, but I’m pretty sure Oceanna has it beat in every single department.

The only thing so far that has resembled a roadtrip of past, is the pit stop we made today. Our convoy needed fuel, as the wind had died over the last day and we were doing a lot of motoring, so we pulled into St Augustine, Florida to fill up.

One draw bridge, one replica of a 16th century Spanish galleon, and some snotty Florida charm later – our pit stop was done and we were headed back out on the ocean. Not exactly the chips, ice-cream drumstick, and dirty-gas-station-bathroom of the road.





One comment

  1. What a gorgeous sunset–I am envious!!!!

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