Dolphin City

(Atlantic Ocean – Georgia Coast)

We survived our first night offshore. Trading shifts between the 3 of us we were under sail all night. As the sun began to rise only one thing was important onboard. Fishing. Greg had two rods trolling off the back before I even woke up.

When I did wake up Greg was geared up in his harness, ready to go up the mast to make a quick repair. He was standing at the mast waiting for me when I came out into the cockpit to the unmistakable sound of a screaming reel. Both reels, in fact, had a “FISH ON”.

Since my most recent fishing experience was Moosomin Lake, circa 1997, I was certainly not prepared for the strength of what was at the end of my line. Greg got both the fish aboard. He had bagged two little tunny. (Mick – the second picture is for you!)

The smaller fish and the lines went back into the ocean and the remainder of the day was spent waiting for the next big catch. We had little tunny for lunch, saw huge light towers in the middle of nowhere, and enjoyed a day like no other as pod after pod of dolphins came and played in our bows.

Our first sighting was a pod of 6. Later in the day we saw 2 more, then 4 more. Then, as if we had switched on our very own dolphin signalling device (I’m envisioning something similar to the Bat-Signal), there were dolphins flying into the boat from all directions. It was simply amazing how they all turned up, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, to hang out with us. As I am prone to quantify things I attempted to count them all and really couldn’t. They were everywhere. Layers, upon layers, of them between Oceanna’s bows. They zigged and zagged, barrel rolled and showed off, and generally just had a good time. The show just never seemed like it would end, and we were glad for it.

Greg shot loads of video, and even got some awesome underwater views using his GoPro and our old battens. They’ll be up here when a wifi connections permits. It’s currently sitting at 6% uploaded and that’s already been an hour.


Screen shot 2014-04-12 at 9.35.11 AM






  1. Loved the blog today–sounds like you guys are already having such an awesome adventure!!!! Can’t wait for the dolphin video!!! Please don’t tell me Gregory is going into the underwear business–loved the pic though!!! Thanks for doing such a great job Kaycee–it is worth the wait–lots of my friends enjoy it too–even though you don’t know!!! Happy Sailing!!

    1. Still only sitting at 20% uploaded Delma. It might be a long wait for the dolphins!

      And I’m sorry about the wait on posts. Just now they’re always coming!

  2. Nice photos guys….looks like you are have a ball….keep it up!!


  3. That video was amazing–must of been so thrilling to see them like that–it was like they were pulling the boat for you guys–loved the music too–great job–worth the wait!!!!

  4. Sarah G. "Stu" Schmidt · · Reply

    So many Jessicas!

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