ICW Cruising

(Anchored off ICW – Little River, South Carolina)

ICW cruising from Carolina Beach, North Carolina to Little River, South Carolina today was, for lack of a better word, pretty cruisey. It was rainy and grey all day, but with our new Zhik gear from Remy (Thanks Remy!) the weather didn’t even touch us.

With three of us alternating driving, we had reached our anchorage for the evening in no time. Here we took the opportunity to bust out the new stand up paddle boards for the first time! Pictured you can see me getting on the board the safe way. What I don’t have pictures of, is both Greg and Remy’s attempted hero launches where they jumped on and immediately wiped-out and went for a swim. No pictures, but everyone on Eyra can vouch for me, for who was the most successful paddle boarder.





  1. delma evans · · Reply

    Looking Good on the Paddle board Kaycee–way to be the only one standing!!!(looks like fun!!)

    1. It is a lot of fun. You’ll have to try it out yourself when you come and visit!

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