Thank You and Good-Bye

(Anchored – Carolina Beach, NC)

Today was the day we finally untied the dock lines and set out on the adventure. A bittersweet day. We were more than amped to finally set out, but it sucked saying good-bye to all the great friends we met in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The list seems kind of endless, from all the great people at the Marina – Skip, Mick and Freddy, to all the friendly faces at our local West Marine and Craft Hardware Store. That doesn’t even touch the fellow boat owners and cruisers that we befriended. To Menno and Val, Dave and Diane, Dave and Lilly (!), John and Jennifer, Sue and Randy, and everyone else – thank you. Thank you for the wisdom, the laughs, and the invaluable advise. We’ll see you out there!

With the fenders up we motored down to Carolina Beach to position ourselves next to Eyra (Menno and Val’s Lagoon) for an earlier departure in the morning. Menno and Val are headed to Florida to get their boat outfitted with a new rolling main sail and we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to convoy that far with them. The original schedule was to set out on Friday morning, but crappy weather has delayed our convoy to Saturday morning and crappier weather has restricted us to the ICW instead of the offshore sailing.

(ICW – Intracoastal Waterway. Is essentially a water highway that runs from New Jersey, all the way around to Texas. A series of natural inlets, saltwater rivers, bays, sounds, and artificial canals that allow you to travel all that distance without ever touching the ocean.)

Today we also met up with Greg’s Australian friend Remy. Remy is state side for business, but we’ve commandeered him for the next couple days to help us get Oceanna down to Florida.




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