Programming Note – Track Us and a Scheduling Apology

Two quick notes I wanted to make.

First off, you can now track Oceanna in real-time! We’ve invested in a satellite GPS tracker which transmits tracking information to a map that anyone can look in on. How to get there? On our home page, at the top right, I’ve added an additional page called “Track Us”. If you go to this page you can click on the picture of Oceanna and be taken to the map. Here you should see where we are and how we’ve gotten there. It’s pretty cool and adds a little piece of mind to our adventure. I keep telling people – if you see the dot stop in the middle of the ocean, maybe call our Moms.

Secondly, here’s my quick apology for all the delayed posts. Wifi availability and life seem to get in the way of getting things online as they happen. I promise it’ll keep happening, but I can also promise that as we start our adventure south I will not give up. So if you’re patient, there will be new posts and new stories to check in on. Thank you so much for all your support so far!


  1. It was very cool watching you guys go down the coast–you couldn’t hide from us and I loved getting up in the morning and seeing you were still a float!!! Keep up the great posts Kaycee!!

    1. We’re pretty happy we got the tracker. It is real neat! I’m working on getting caught up on the posts now Delma. Sorry I’m always behind!

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