Flying Home

(Wilmington Marine Center – Wilmington, NC)

Well we didn’t get up at 3am. We did make 4:15 though. Anchor up and we were out the Bight and headed home by five.

Sailing in the dark I wonder what people ever did before modern-day GPS and electronics. Sailors of past must have had balls of steel, that’s for sure.

There was no dilly-dallying on the sail home. With the winds gusting over 25 knots, and a choppy following sea (I’ve just learnt this term, means the waves are travelling in the same direction as us) we were rocketing home at a steady 8-10 knots. We even clocked speeds up to 12 knots, which is the top end for our boat. #killingit

With autopilot working overtime to keep the course through the chop, Greg and I were able to take refuge from the cold inside. With Navionics on the iPad we could watch our heading and speed inside, while doing regular laps of the boat outside to check the trim of the sails and do a true ocean scan.

Greg busted out the GoPro and shot some video of a couple of his laps. As soon as I have wifi signal strong enough to upload it, it’ll be here for your viewing pleasure (and amusement).



  1. Loved the virtual tour–gave me a little jitter in my stomach though–to think you are out there all by yourselves!!!! Please Please Please be cautious and safe!!

  2. Awesome tour of the boat! Auto pilot looks awesome.

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