Cape Lookout Anchoring School

(Anchored – Cape Lookout, NC)

This morning we moved Oceanna out to a mooring ball across from Bird Shoal. A small island inhabited by a herd of wild horses. North Carolina, particularly the Beaufort area, is famous for its wild horses (that link is for you Mom) that roam the Outer Banks. We took the dinghy over to have a look at one little guy.

Before venturing out of Beaufort on our own, we were invited to breakfast with Logan’s parents, Kathleen and John, and their friends. Greg and I, and our waistlines, would like to thank Molly and Elwyn for the most amazing blueberry stuffed french toast. I really didn’t even know something so good existed. And let’s just say that the cookies and banana bread we were sent on our way with didn’t last long back on the boat!

The sail over to Cape Lookout was another success, although the weather wasn’t near as enjoyable as yesterday. We had all the wind, and more, that we could ask for and the temperature had dropped way down. Once we got in the Bight we had to decide where we were going to anchor for the night. Because the wind was blowing in nasty from the north we were attempting to find somewhere that offered some shelter from that direction. We motored over in front of the lighthouse where we proceeded to set anchor in the squirreliest wind/current situation available. After some choice words and multiple attempts we did get the anchor to hold.

Shortly after, Greg got a call from our friend Dave Thomas. Dave has been to Cape Lookout multiple times and they quickly came to the conclusion that we anchored in one of the worst possible locations. Hindsight is 20/20, because looking at the map now it was obvious that we had dropped anchor smack dab in the center of a channel that a very large basin was draining through. We’d parked in the middle of the interstate at rush hour.

We decided to move anchor, obviously, but first we took the dinghy to shore to check out the light house and the coastal beach, which was littered with shells.

Once we were moved and anchored for the second time we basically called it a night. Our alarms were set for 3am to start heading home and catch the rising tide back up the river.

We had planned to take the paddle boards out, or even launch the kites, but the weather was not outdoor-watersport-friendly. I did manage to get Greg to play a round of crib with me though. And if you know Greg that is a feat harder than setting anchor in fast flowing current.










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