The Maiden Voyage

(Beaufort, NC)

It was anchors up at 6:30 this morning, and we were out Masonboro Inlet onto the Atlantic for sunrise. Following Logan on Gemini we had the built-in comfort of camaraderie, not to mention experience close by. But all in all, this was Greg and mine and Oceanna’s first salty outing together.

When the wind filled in around noon it was time to hoist the sails. I turned the boat into the wind to get the mainsail up, and everything went smooth except the sailbag zipperline met the scissors. A small line installed for convenience that really only caused headaches as it would snag on the main whenever it was going up.

With the main and jib catching a steady, but light wind, we were able to sail a broad reach up to Beaufort. We were happy and comfortable clocking 6.5 knots on calm, sunny waters.

In Beaufort we docked and met Logan’s parents who were visiting university friends in town. We were very fortunate to be invited to spend the evening with them. A night of delicious food and lovely people. Our first sail was a roaring success!







  1. Uncle wayne · · Reply

    Well done and congratulations. She looks great.
    Uncle wayne.

    1. Thanks Uncle Wayne. Time to start planning Christmas on the beach!! Or you can just grab a plane ticket and come down whenever you’re free.

  2. Breathtaking…. what an amazing experience… 🙂

    1. It sure is pretty cool! You should come check it out sometime for yourself. I’m sure you’re about ready for a vacation.

  3. Hi Kaycee, so far have been keeping up with your adventures, and “watching” all the work that both of you have done, and now I am JEALOUS/envious of where you are and what you have achieved. I am glad you both have the strength to follow your dreams. Am wishing you all the best and sincerely hope that you have a wonderful time on the ocean…. you will have incredible memories to treasure forever. You have done so, sew much work and it also looked like you had fun along the way… most of the time. Glad I get to tag along, if only on the computer. I loved it when you had your little sewing machine out…. Love what you have written so far! And the photography is amazing!

    1. Thank you so much Yvonne. It’s great to hear that you’re following along! It’s crazy to look back at how far we’ve come, yet today, headed south, it feels like the adventure is just beginning! Keep in touch! Sun and sand to come.

  4. Jocelyn · · Reply

    Incredible! I can’t imagine the feeling. Congratulations on all your work and success!

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