Provisioning Uptown and Cruising Downtown

(Wilmington, NC)

I’m unsure whether to say “Thank You Costco!” or “You’re Welcome Costco”. On the one hand we have started provisioning, buying the vast majority of things we need to take with us. This includes everything from shampoo to enough rice to last us two lifetimes. While on the other hand, provisioning isn’t cheap! But I guess it’s better to buy three bottles of sunscreen here for $12, then one for the same price down south.

In way more exciting news, our friends Logan and Caroline sailed into the marina last night from their winter in the Bahamas. I can’t believe that much time has already passed since the four of us took Gemini south for the season. Now they’re due back in New York to run their sailing business and we’re just days away from heading south ourselves.

To celebrate, and to take advantage of having seasoned sailors on board, we took Oceanna downtown for a drink! Yup, just a short 20 minute sail up the river and we docked right downtown. Pretty cool if you ask me.

On the cruise up we unfurled the jib and killed the engines. This time we really were sailing. We also got a chance to check out our neighbours, State Port, and have the shit scared out of us as we sailed Oceanna under our first bridge. Logan swears we had all kinds of clearance, but that’s a thrill that’ll give you a heart murmur. And to think, we had to do it again on the way back while the tide was higher!







  1. We went on a boat cruise yesterday too – on the Amsterdam canals – saw lots of boats but none like yours, it would be nice to sail here in the summer!

    1. Glad to hear you made it over there Mom. Have a blast!

  2. Toothbrushes! good job! (is there floss in there too??)

    1. Stocked right up on the dental hygiene! Greg goes through toothbrushes faster than underwear, so I’m sure we’ll need more before we the islands anyhow!

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