We’re Sailing!!

(Wilmington, NC)

This is what you would have heard me screaming if you passed by us out on the water today. “We’re Sailing! We’re Sailing!!” If you looked closely, you may have even seen some fist pumps and a high-five.

After he finished showing off his homemade spear, Greg spent the morning cleaning the five winches that are on the boat. With freshly greased winches and brand new sails just begging to be used, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took Oceanna out for a cruise down the river.

Once we were on the straight away we released the clutch on the jib furler, and Greg pulled out the jib with the starboard sheet. Albeit we left the motors on, in neutral, it was still a pretty incredible feeling. This crisp white sail was powering us down the river.

It was more than our inexperience that kept us from hoisting the main. We’re waiting for the battens and remaining hardware to be installed on Thursday.











  1. Wow she looks beautiful! How exciting!! Super pumped for you two.

    1. Thanks Mo! You’ll have to come find us in the sun and sand sometime.

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