Home Soil

(Moosomin, Saskatchewan)

I love the Yota and am very thankful how far it’s got us, but I was having a hard time thinking of a less desirable place to be. Truck fever had definitely set in over the last day, so I was very happy to make it to the border today. Another crossing, and another bout of anxiety.

Let’s face it, our vehicle isn’t the picture of road-worthy autos, so as we pulled into the Canadian border patrol our fingers were crossed. The border patrol officer walked out with a crooked smile on her face and opened with, “You two look like you’ve been through the ringer!”. She pointed out the smoke coming from under the hood, asked us where we were headed, and wished us good luck on getting there. We were back on home soil.

130km to my parents, -30C with the windchill, and against any fundamental laws I understand, the Yota was overheating again. After a few cool-down stops we finally made it to Moosomin. Victory!

We had a great night stretching our limbs and catching up with my family, including my nephew Hudson who will probably never try hot wings again till he’s 30.







  1. Solid….glad you guys made it safely….see you when you return to Wilmington. All is well on the boat.


  2. Gavitron · · Reply

    Shred, Chewy wants to know what you did to his Toyota

    1. Greg here – Gavitron! Tell Chewy I am deeply sorry and I am sick too my stomach about the truck, we hit a deer in Ohio and rolled it on the way down to Wilmington.


      Read this it explains the whole thing, That truck survived and made it back to Canada, Chewy will be proud!

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