Ohio You Win, Indiana Take a W Too

(I-39 Rest Stop, Illinois)

What a fricking day. Where do I even start?

We got a great start to the day, up and on the road by 6am. We were poised to have a huge day and get a lot of kilometers behind us. As we crossed the border into Ohio we were all eyes on the road. We were not going to have any repeats of the drive down. Unfortunately all eyes on the road left no eyes for the dashboard controls and we ran out of gas, I shit you not, 10km from were we hit the deer.

After getting shut down by every cab and towing company in Washington Court House, Ohio we laced up our running shoes and made the 7km jog into town. Ironically enough the closest gas station was a Marathon and they didn’t sell jerry cans (because we of course left all our jerry cans at the boat.) They did have the kindest employees though. One gave us a ride to O’Reilly’s to buy a jerry can, back to the gas station to fill it up, then saved us the burdened run back down the interstate by dropping us off back at the Yota. Thank you!

We were back on the road, smooth sailing, until 350km later when failure struck again. This time it was the radiator. The Yota had some minor radiator leaking problems before, but the smoke billowing out from under the hood seemed to declare that we had escalated those issues.

After inspection Greg found that the fan had finally rubbed a tiny hole in the top of the radiator. Back to Auto Zone we go. A little tree-stump-ratchet-strap action to pull the radiator away from the fan, some putty epoxy to fill the hole, and then a radiator flush to eliminate the clogging that was also occurring – and it looked like we may make it past Indianapolis after all.

Even with all the deterrents we ran into we still managed to log a 1,200km day. Right on schedule.









  1. Amanda · · Reply

    ahahah omg i cant believe you ran outta gas. Ohio must be an indian burial ground…

    1. Did you mean to say “I can’t believe Greg ran out of gas?” haha. A bit ridiculous. I think any future trips will be routed around Ohio entirely!

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