We’ve Got Sails!

(Princeton, West Virginia)

What’s a sailboat without sails? Not something we have to worry about anymore, as our brand new sails showed up today!

What are sails without wind? Useless if you’re trying to get somewhere, but perfect if you’re trying to put them on your boat at dock.

So as Murphy’s Law would have it, the moment Chuck and Tommy pulled into the marina with the sails, a crazy windstorm blew in too. It definitely wasn’t these guys first barbeque though, because a little gale force winds didn’t slow them down!

First the jib went on. The jib is the front sail that is hoisted along the headstay (front standing rigging). The jib works on a rolling furler system, which means it rolls up when not in use, by means of the furler drum that can be seen in the picture below with the green line in it. When the sail is furled the blue sunbrella sun cover is left on the outside to protect the sail from UV damage.


Next the lazy jacks, stack pack, and mainsail found their home. The lazy jacks are the rigging that hold the stack pack in place, and the stack pack is the blue sunbrella sun cover that zips up along the top to house the mainsail when it’s not in use to protect it from the elements.

Unlike the jib, the mainsail has battens in it. The battens are fiberglass rods that run the length of the sail, parallel to the boom, to help support the shape of the sail. Our mainsail has five battens, but they missed the flight from South Africa so we’ll be getting those on later when we’re back to the boat.

After the sails were on we set out to start chipping away at the 3,200km road trip back to Saskatchewan. True to form we had a slight lighting malfunction with the Boler, but other than that, the first 600km were wonderfully uneventful.






One comment

  1. Gary Cave. Aka Uncle Gary · · Reply

    All that’s missing is the Jolly Roger!!
    Happy sailing!

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