Olympic Gold and A Near Perfect Score in Docking

(Wilmington, NC)

Tomorrow we strike out on the open road, so today is the last of organizing packing, and of course, receiving more mail. Greg is pretty stoked on his new carbon fiber fins, compliments of a stellar deal from Carlos on eBay.

Today we planned on taking Oceanna out for a cruise down the river to check the systems and take a layer of scum off the bottom of the boat. A cruise that was a little delayed because of the Ladies Olympic Gold Medal Hockey game. And what a game!!! We were able to watch the OT online and had more than one dock neighbour ask if everything was okay afterwards because of all the screaming and hollering. I couldn’t be more proud to be a Canadian.

Once we did get around to the cruise it did loads to bolster our confidence that this whole adventure is real and totally doable. Not only did we have near perfect dock exit and entry, the speed sensor and GPS are fully functional. We’ll be out on the deep blue before we know it.





  1. Oh man, this brought me all kinds of warm and fuzzies! Congrats guys, boating looks good on you!

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